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Nothing compares to a physical musician / organist however the shortage of available musicians is an increasing problem and this is where the Hymnal Plus comes in to it’s own. A complete musical solution for UK worship, it’s easy to use with a massive library of built in tunes and the ability to make the music sound just how you want it.

We have many churches who also have a Hymnal Plus for back up and to give their organist the odd weekend off!

Edinburgh Organ Studio Ltd T/A Key Player proudly represent Hymn Technology across Scotland and Northumberland. We offer on site demonstrations, advice on compatible sound systems, trial over a Sunday service and training / back up support.

UK made and designed for UK worship use, The HT-400 Hymnal Plus takes music accompaniment for worship to a whole new level. Straight out of the box the HT-400 plays thousands of traditional hymns and modern worship songs (the standard repertoire includes over 2750 recordings). Want something else? You can play any tune you like using the built-in MP3 and MIDI players. The HT-400 features a large backlit colour LCD touch screen for ease of use and intuitive operation. The HT- 400 is light and mobile and has built in speakers, perfect for planning a service, outreach or home group. Plug it into a suitable amplification system and you’ll be amazed at the sound quality.